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Can we get tuition as per our time?

Adjusting with the standard timings according to the tutors is fine, but how about choosing your feasible timings and studying as per your schedule? Amazing indeed!

Thinking like it is not possible? Not anymore! You can choose your online tuition timing based on your schedule, and the tutor will teach you in your preferred timings. Wondering how?

TEL Gurus one-on-one tutoring is your answer. Yes, you heard it right. With TEL Guru's one-on-one tutoring, you can choose your own timing, and the concerned expert will impart the knowledge at your timings only. And yes, the venue is your home only. Like a super saving deal indeed!

TEL Gurus one-on-one tutoring not only offers online tuition as per your timings but also benefits the child in several other ways. Yea, we got your point; you must be thinking of searching for the answer to it online. But don't, as we have compiled it all here only.

It offers a deep learning

There is so much to be learned in a year, and with some traditional topics carrying so much depth and complexity, it may be difficult for the school teachers to cover it all, diving deeper and deeper. But with one-on-one tutoring, you can hit the pause button and spend time diving in over a concept. Develop a deep understanding of the concepts that will never let you forget the answers to questions asked.

It gives the child an outlet

Schools can be frustrating for many as teachers may not be accessible in the class and might not be much welcoming after class hours. But with one-on-one tutoring, the online tutors lift off the weight from a student's shoulder and provide them a sense of security that for all the subject concerns; they have a dedicated and a reliable stop to handle it all.

Encourage Questions

It is pretty challenging for many students to speak up in class openly and clear their doubts. They may be afraid of being a troll topic or might feel shy to share their views. But with online one-on-one tutoring, the child can be expressive and ask their doubts obviously, which is quite tricky during the offline sessions where a class of 50 or more students is staring at you. With the formula of 1:6 ratio, TEL Gurus is an efficient choice to let your child communicate properly and clear the doubts openly.

Boosts Confidence

When a child gets comfortable in the class, sharing, expressing, and questioning gets easier. And that is what happens in one-on-one tutoring. The confidence of speaking with no hesitations is the key to success, and that is what online tuitions are aimed at.

Get all the desired outputs with no adjustments in your study schedule. It's time to make a wise move towards a bright future. 

Make a wise choice by choosing the online tuitions and acquiring the best learning experience from your comfort zone. If you are fond of learning, then TEL Gurus can be a one-stop solution for you! Connect now to get enrolled.  

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